Arugula Pesto Redux

Sorry… I realize this will be the second post in a row with the same major ingredient. But here’s the thing:  I had some of the arugula pesto left over. We had really enjoyed it the other night on the baguette.  I wasn’t particularly interested in freezing it.  (Though I truly love my chest freezer, I admit to being guilty of the major freezer sin... I sometimes don’t label...  "Oh, I’ll remember what’s in that sauce…”)  Very, very bad idea... because then things are allowed to live in the freezer for WAY too long.

So, since I wasn’t going to freeze, I was determined to do something different.  As I may have told you, I’m on a big pasta-making jag... discovering a great source for Semolina at a great price (.99 a pound) has allowed me to delve deeply into pasta without eggs... just AP flour, semolina, salt and water... I rolled this out, and cut fairly wide ribbons...

They took just minutes to cook... and I sauced them with the arugula pesto, a little Parmesan, and a splash of the pasta water (I hate thick gloppy pesto on pasta.)  I happened to have some pine nuts left over from a class… so I could afford to toast a few and put them on top, with another sprinkling of Parmesan.


I was a little shocked at just how good this was... I was worried that it might be a bit too strong... it wasn’t... we didn’t even miss the basil.  And I’ve discovered a little side benefit to this homemade pasta obsession... there’s something about it that seems fuller, richer... so we eat less.  And, true to my penurious nature, I’ve got to tell you this... making a pound of this costs about .55-.65... and I think it gives a lot of the imports a run for their money!


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