And Here's One More Throwback for Turkey Day!


According to the National Turkey Federation (and who else would you ask?), nearly 88% of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving.  They report that the average weight of a turkey purchased for Thanksgiving is 16 pounds, so that means that over…

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A Holiday Flashback!

I loved this part! 


In honor of the Founding Father who wanted the turkey to be declared our national symbol because the eagle was a bird "not of good moral character..." 

I thought you'd get a kick out…

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It's A Food & Wine Thanksgiving!

I'm still celebrating my first time having a recipe featured on the cover of Food & Wine magazine!  And this week, Food & Wine named this dish #18 on its list of all-time Food & Wine Test Kitchen Thanksgiving Sides!

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Trust Me! Take The Spatchcock Express!

Here's a great memory of my very first time roasting a spatchcocked turkey, and my case for spatchcocking your Thanksgiving turkey...  Norman Rockwell was a painter, not a cook!

I know it looks like road kill but...

It's happened...  I've…

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Sausage and Potatoes!

I got it into my head that I wanted a dinner with sausage. So I ran through all the usual suspects… pasta with sausage (a No because, though I’d be happy eating pasta every day, I try not to do…

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A Crab Cake for the Ages

I'm continuing to work my way through the samples sent to me by @sitkasalmonshares, and I am thrilled every time I taste something new. 

As all of you know, I make crab cakes whenever my wallet allows.  One of…

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