Incendiary Chicken Curry

I had some chicken breast (1 small breast and a small piece I had trimmed off the 2nd breast) that I needed to use, and the curry craving was strong. 

I cut the chicken into about ¾ inch cubes and…

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Sweet 'n' Lemony Melting Moments!


Mother's other "famous" Christmas cookie contribution was the "Melting Moment."

I know these are seriously out of fashion... but I don't care...

The texture is sooooooooo different from most cookies... because of the cornstarch.  But it's the very, very lemony…

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Hooray for Snowballs! And Christmas Cookie Time!


Forgive me.

The switch from "after Thanksgiving" foods to Christmas prep can induce whiplash...

And now it's mid-December!

So let's get going, people...  Over the next few days, we'll be re-posting our greatest Christmas cookie hits.

You're welcome!

(And please…

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It's Chocolate. It's Shortbread. It's Christmas!


Stop What You're Doing and Make These!!!

Seriously.  I love all the traditional Christmas cookies.  But I'm telling you:  make chocolate shortbread and bring those elves to their knees!

These come from Chef Extraordinaire Bob Chambers.  You will never, I…

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Santa Will Thank You for Christmas Shortbread!



I have always been helpless when confronted with a plate of shortbread...

And these have forever replaced decorated sugar cookies in my affections.


Yield:  Approximately 50


1 lb. Unsalted butter

1 C Sugar (processed fine)

½ t…

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Just in Time for The Holidays!

So... we all have good days and bad days.  But you know what makes a GREAT day?  The arrival of a box from @sitkasalmonshares...

...truly extraordinary seafood!

Do yourself a huge favor and give them a try during the holidays!

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Trust Me! Take The Spatchcock Express!


Here's a great memory of my very first time roasting a spatchcocked turkey, and my case for spatchcocking your Thanksgiving turkey...  Norman Rockwell was a painter, not a cook!

I know it looks like road kill but...

It's happened...  I've…

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It's A Food & Wine Thanksgiving!

I'm still celebrating my first time having a recipe featured on the cover of Food & Wine magazine, which was just one year ago!

Check out my luscious Rutabaga, Celery Root and Potato Gratin... you and your family will love…

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