Mashed Potato Tots

I’m incapable of making the right amount of mashed potatoes.  I love them... new, old, hot, cold... so I always make too many.  And this Thanksgiving was no exception. 

But then on Friday, I had this silly idea. 

I took about 1 1/2 C cold mashed potatoes, added an egg, 1/3 C grated cheddar, lots of pepper, some salt, and some onion powder.  Mixed it all up, and then folded in 1/4-1/3 C flour.  I apologize for approximate amounts... will all depend on your mashed potatoes.  Too much flour might make them easier to handle, but it will also make them really tough, so be prepared.  This should be a pretty “soft” mixture. 

I put the mixture in a piping bag, and piped out fat 1-inch long “tots” into a bowl of panko, carefully coated them completely, and then fried them in 225˚-235˚ oil until dark golden.  As I removed each batch, I sprinkled them with salt and put them on a rack in a sheet pan in a 350˚ oven. 

This was just silly and wonderful.  We laughed with each bite. 

Every day...  No. 

But as an occasional crunchy, wickedly satisfying treat...  You bet your tater tots.

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